The InvestIdeas Spirit. (i.e. Forum Rules)

The InvestIdeas Spirit. (i.e. Forum Rules)

Postby blid2def » Sat May 24, 2008 5:08 pm

1. No pornography.

2. No advertising or soliciting of products & services, be it directly or indirectly. Examples:
- Direct advertisements: "Send e-mail to [email protected] if you'd like to open a trading account or talk to our consultants"
- Indirect advertisements: "Visit for details" - and has more or less the same info and an additional line or two to advertise products & services

3. No spamming, trolling and baiting.

4. No sharing of information for illegal activities, such as where to find warez, hacks, illegal movie downloads, etc.

5. No harassment or abuse of forum members.

6. No sexually-, racially- or religiously-discriminating remarks.

So, in short... I'd like this forum to be about having serious discussions yet having a relaxed time as well.

- if you're a sensitive soul who can't take a bit of friendly banter, please f**k off, this forum is not worthy of you.
- if you're a sensitive soul who can't take a bit of gila-gila behaviour at times here, please f**k off, you're too good for us.
- if you're a sensitive soul who can't take a bit of profanity or adult jokes, please f**k off, this forum is too uncultured for you.

- if you want to come here and start flame wars and participate in sniper sessions where your sole purpose and existence in life and in the galaxy is to create tension and mess with peoples' minds - please go away, we don't want you - be our guest and go to some warfront and get killed; we don't give a shit about you.

- if you want to come here and behave like a big time Charlie - well, we'll kick you out of here faster than you can say "but..."

- if you want to come here and preach your religion, post nothing but vulgarity, champion racial hatred, champion religious supremacy, seek marriage counselling, seek loans from members, offer your loanshark services, etc. - please go away; I don't even know why you come to us for that!

And: If you're offended by this post, please go away. Fullstop.

This is the spirit of this forum. Yin and Yang. Serious and Fun. We have the "kwan". Do you?

p.s. That turned out pretty long though. :mrgreen:
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Re: The Huatopedia Spirit. (i.e. Forum Rules)

Postby blid2def » Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:44 pm

Actions taken against rulebreakers
Silly people will get treated like a child here. Meaning, if we deem that you're intentionally flouting any of our rules here, this is what we'll do:

(1) If you start a thread, then your thread is locked. We reserve the right to delete your thread or your post (if you didn't start a thread).

(2) We will post a written reply to your thread/post to warn you about the violation, as well as the actions we may take if you proceed to ignore our request to stop what you've been doing.

If you insist on carrying on, then:
(3) We will issue you a forum warning. This comes with an automatic automatic 24-hour suspension. The effect is that you can't login, and you can't post, but you're still free to browse as a guest.

(4) At the end of the suspension, your rights will be restored. However, during your suspension, we will also review your case and see if you're deserving of a full, permanent ban.

Appeals Process
If you've been suspended and you feel you've been harshly-treated or wrongly-flagged/warned, you can use the link on the login page to appeal (the link is shown on the login page which tells you that you've been suspended).

Having said all that,
If we deem that you're a pest right from the start, we will kick you the *bleep* out of here straightaway (or we may just remove your posting rights). We're nice guys, but not that nice as to allow folks to climb all over us and crap on us.

BTW, we use our yardstick to judge. We can't spell out everything. You use your head and think about what's socially acceptable behaviour, okay?
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