Lam Research (LRCX)

Lam Research (LRCX)

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Today's chart highlights a leader in the semiconductor business...

Longtime readers know we are always looking for big secular trends to invest in. Since personal computers and cellphones became central to our daily lives, the need for semiconductors has been growing... These little devices power most of the electronics we use today.

We last checked in on this trend with shares of chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA). Today, we can see this concept at work with shares of Lam Research (LRCX)...

The company is a leading manufacturer of specialized equipment for semiconductor chipmakers. Lam's products allow chipmakers to build device features that are more than 1,000 times smaller than a grain of sand. And its major innovations have led to big profits and higher share prices...

As you can see in the chart below, shares are up nearly 150% over the past two years... And they just hit new all-time highs.

This big trend is not showing signs of a slowdown. Keep an eye on semiconductor stocks for more upside...

Source: Daily Wealth
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