Lennox (LII)

Lennox (LII)

Postby winston » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:06 pm

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Today's chart shows why we love "boring" businesses...

Too many investors only want to get behind an exciting new idea, seeking big gains from the next hot trend.

But as longtime DailyWealth readers know, it's often easier to hit a home run with a dull, established business. Companies that collect garbage or sell uniforms are investments, not speculations. That's also the case with today's "boring" company...

Lennox (LII) is an $11 billion manufacturer of refrigeration and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ("HVAC") equipment. That's not novel or exciting.

But folks will always need fresh food and comfortable spaces. While its latest quarterly results were mixed, Lennox pulled in $466 million in revenue for its residential segment... a first-quarter record. And it plans to buy back up to $400 million in stock this year.

LII shares just keep rising... They've soared roughly 230% over the past five years to a new all-time high. No, Lennox isn't going to be the next Amazon (AMZN). But this safe, "boring" company still tripled investors' money in a hurry...

Source: Daily Wealth
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