Second Opinion

Second Opinion

Postby winston » Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:55 am

Dear All,

As the automatic pruning facility was accidentally switched on, I have to restart this topic.

As mentioned, I'm willing to provide you with a Second Opinion on any topic. In return, I would appreciate if you would donate some money to your favourite charity or to this forum. This is another way for me to give something back.

To ensure that you remain anonymous, please do the following:-
1) Set up a new email account with a different name
2) You can then send me an email to [email protected]
3) I will reply you through this thread
4) I also want others to also learn from you situation

Alternatively, you can also send me a Private Message but I will then know your user-name which I'm not really interested.

Till date, two forummers have already had some discussions with me through Private Messages

I need to emphasize that I'm not a trained professional in all areas. However, I do have some experience in life and I have seen my fair share of problems. Hopefully, those experience will come in handy for your situation. If your situation is too complicated for me, I will ask you to seek professional help.

Take care,

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