China - Economic Data & News 17 (Jan 19 - Dec 20)

Re: China - Economic Data & News 17 (Jan 19 - Dec 20)

Postby winston » Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:23 pm

NPC 3rd Plenary Session Commences in Beijing; 2020E Beijing GDP Growth About 6.2%

The 3rd plenary session of the 15th National People’s Congress (NPC) commenced yesterday (12 January) in Beijing.

Beijing's gross domestic product (GDP) and consumer price index (CPI) are expected to increase by about 6.2% and 2.3% yearly in 2020, mentioned Chen Jining, Mayor of Beijing Municipality, in his work report.

The surveyed unemployment rate in urban areas is estimated to stand at about 4.4%, while the per capita disposable income will deliver a real growth of around 6.3%.

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Re: China - Economic Data & News 17 (Jan 19 - Dec 20)

Postby behappyalways » Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:52 pm

2020.01.19【文茜世界周報】邀嘉賓秀貿易戰成果 「川普式」簽約儀式演出 ... jreload=10

Many of China's provinces cut 2020 GDP growth targets despite easing trade tension ... SKBN1ZL0EA

China’s outbreak of African swine fever pushes pork off the Lunar New Year menu
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